August Ames Biography

Alternative Name(s): August Aimes, Augustus Ames, Hailey Edwards
Country: Canada
Activity(ies): Pornstar
Status: Active
Born: 23-08-1994 Age:24
Height:5' 6" / 168 cm
Weight:115 lbs / 51.75 kg
Bust:32 inch / 81.28 cm
Waist:23 inch / 58.42 cm
Hips:28 inch/71.12 cm
Skin Color:White but often tan
Hair Color:brown
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:brown
Tattoos:Yes(Write "BornWirld" on the stomach actually removed, The letter K write on left annular finger, something write between the annular and the middle finger, five colored butterflies on right foot, a colorful mermaid on left foot, three complex triangles with colors behind on the left wrist)
Natural Breasts:Yes

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