Nancy A Biography

Alternative Name(s): Allie, Anastasia B, Erika, Jane, Jane F, Nancy,Nancy A, Nancy Y, Nansy
Country: Ukraine
Activity(ies): Pornstar
Status: Active
Born: 17-11-1994 Age:25
Height:5' 6" / 168 cm
Weight:102 lbs / 45.9 kg
Bust:34 inch / 86.36 cm
Waist:24 inch / 60.96 cm
Hips:33 inch/83.82 cm
Skin Color:White
Hair Color:blonde
Hair Length:
Eye Color:blue
Tattoos:Yes(Like ring on annular finger write with roman numerals "VIII XI", writing "tout vient à temps à qui sait attendre" with a feather below on the left wrist, A creation on the neck based on triangles with a lion in it, the bottom of the triangle forms a kind of diamond, we do not know the top of this tattoo )
Natural Breasts:Yes

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