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Alternative Name(s): Alana, Alena, Alena Chrastinova, Alenajara, Alexandra, Alexandria, Allegra, Alegra, Amy, Angel, Anita, Anita Carso, Anita Kuin, Anita Quinn, Bellisima, Bellissima, Britni, Candice, Elis, Evelia, Kristina, Kristina2, Melisa, Missy, Priscilla, Priscil
Country: Afghanistan
Status: Retired
work after retired:
Born: 27-12-1978 Age:43
Height:5' 7" / 170 cm
Weight:114 lbs / 51.3 kg
Bust:36 inch / 91.44 cm
Waist:27 inch / 68.58 cm
Hips:36 inch/91.44 cm
Cups:E or DD
Skin Color:White
Hair Color:brown
Hair Length:
Eye Color:brown
Natural Breasts:Yes

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